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Welcome to the Green Room
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Knight Terra Press

littera manet sed lector oraculum

est. 1995

"Green Room"

Oops Wrong Door

About the Green Room

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts....

—William Shakespeare, As You Like It (2.7)

If all the world is a stage, with us humans merely players, where, then, do the players go between their presentational moments?


Even Homer needed a place to nod.

They go to the green room. A theatrical green room is a designated area backstage where actors wait when they are not performing on stage. It serves as a space for them to relax, prepare for their next scenes, and interact with fellow cast members. On a good day, there might even be both regular and decaf coffee on offer near the sink.

In this tradition, the Knight Terra Press Green Room is intended as a place for you to come and read, listen to music, or explore the various pieces on display in the art gallery. Some of the cast have left supplementary material strewn about, and we leave that there just in case someone wants to take a gander. Even with all that, perhaps you might be thinking that you won’t be able to strike up a conversation with a fellow cast member, as depicted in the piece titled “Green Room” hanging on the main wall.

Oh, but you can, since the poststructuralist reader-response experience is a conversation between your present understanding and that understanding after it has been projected through the lens of the narrative at hand: every session spent reading metafiction is, in fact, a dialogic between authorial intent, in the sense of E. D. Hirsch, and the reader’s interpretation, in the sense of Roland Barthes, as the final oracle.

The Music On Offer

Feel free to put on your earphones and listen to one of Jackson’s latest virtual albums:

And then there are the tracks from the cutting room floor:

Short Fiction

Art Gallery

Currently, the only wing of the gallery open is the Midnight: the illustrations section. We do, however, hope that you enjoy.

Stuff Left Lying Around

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